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Manifest Abundance in Your Life

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Most people struggle with the scarcity mindset. Which is to be expected because that is what you were most likely taught from when you were a baby. It was definitely taught to you in school and through the media. The reasons why are plentiful. The problem is this mindset of limited resources and idea of ‘lack’ leads to victimhood. They want to control you and your thinking so you will be dependent on them.

If you believe this, then you are at the whim of your circumstances and what happens to you. You end up feeling frustrated, fearful, and powerless. Feeling like you have no choice or control. Notice I said feeling. Simply because that is all it is. Those feelings are based upon your perceptions and your beliefs.

But most people don’t want to feel this way. They want to feel empowered, in control and excited about life. They want to feel like they are in the driver’s seat and know that regardless of what happens, they can handle it. They want to have clarity of who they are and where they want to go. They want to be excited about the challenges and opportunities that await them down the road. They want to make a difference and help others along the way.

If you want that, how do you get it? Well, it is a journey of growth and rewriting your beliefs and attitudes to BE the person that will attract abundance. You can’t DO abundance. You have to BE abundance before you will experience it.

Where to start:

  1. Practice gratitude. The first shift you need to make is to focus on and appreciate what you have instead of focusing on what you are missing in your life. It sounds simple and it is, but you have been trained to focus on your lack instead of your abundance.

  1. Embrace Uncertainty with Certainty - Life is going to throw challenge after challenge at you. Even stack them up on top of you. But realize that without challenges we cannot grow. It is the resistance that makes us stronger and able to deal with all the change that is just around the corner. Understand that whatever happens, you CAN handle it. Think about it. If you are still breathing, that means you have survived all that life has thrown at you so far. Yes, you might be scarred from the experience, but you did survive. Hopefully you grew from it as well.

  1. Recognize your potential - You were put here on purpose. You were given the tools and talents needed to fulfill it. Most people aren’t using more than 10% of what they are capable of. If they just make the decision to tap into it, the results would be incredible. Again, society has taught you that mediocrity is best. That striving for excellence and pushing your limits is bad. KNOW that what you dream is POSSIBLE for you. Tap into your resourcefulness to find what you need to make them a reality.

  1. Watch your Mind! - You need to be vigilant at all times because what you feed your mind and what you say to yourself will dramatically affect your progress on this journey. The path is a minefield of scarcity thinking waiting for you to stumble and fill you with doubt, worry, and overwhelm. Building a list of empowering affirmations and beliefs can drive them away. Feed your mind the positive empowering ideas and concepts to reinforce your new beliefs and starve the doubt and fears.

These are a few steps to help you get started on this journey. It takes effort and diligence to make this shift. It is much easier when you have a group of like-minded people that support you and encourage you on your journey. It is extremely difficult to make this change alone. There is power in numbers. Where the people around you reach down and help you back up and encourage you to keep moving forward.

This is one of the reasons why I created the Seekers of Excellence Mastermind group. I struggled a lot as I have traveled this journey and sought out people that would support me and challenge me to be my best. I never found what I really wanted so I created it for my clients. A lot of what I have built has been based upon what I wish I had when I was getting started. Those things that turn the winding difficult path of trial and error into a guided journey where you learn from others’ mistakes and accelerate your progress.

To learn more about the Seekers of Excellence Mastermind, click here.

To learn more about us, visit and if you are interested in learning how we can help you, schedule your complimentary Discovery Session where we will discuss where you are, where you want to go, and how we can help you get there.

Have a great day and STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE

Brian Lovegrove

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