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The Incredible 91

Day Challenge 

This is the Colorado Leadership Training you've been seeking to take your Purpose, and constantly work your "Why" by focusing on Top Priorities over everything else. Learn skills and approaches to make a habit of taking action on your top priorities.

About This Colorado Leadership Training Program That Helps You FOCUS!

This Colorado Leadership Training program will help you generate a consistent momentum forward in your progress towards your goals in just 91 days!


This will require you to consistently take action towards your goal and turn this approach and behavior into a HABIT! Once this is achieved you can experience lasting success. 


How will we do this?


I will give you the basic strategy and then lots of different ways to turn it into a habit.


You get: Ways to keep going when it gets tough, ways to integrate it into your situation, and ways to take the strategy to a higher level as you develop the skill so it is even more effective and powerful for you.   

This Colorado Leadership Training Program Includes...

Video Trainings


These trainings will help you create your weekly targets, create your daily action plan, how to schedule your day. It teaches you how to create a prioritized list as well as how to deal with distractions, interruptions, & “emergencies."


* Bonus trainings include"How to Deal with Fears and Doubts" & "Reflect and Project" 

Group Coaching Call

1x Weekly

We meet weekly where all we do is answer your questions. We help you apply the strategy to your life and provide some inspiration and encouragement as you work your way through the 91 days. You get answers to the specific situation you are dealing with. You get even more out of these calls by listening to other people’s questions. You can apply the question and the answer to your situation. You will get answers to questions you didn’t think to ask

Facebook Support Group


Each member is invited to join a closed Facebook group where you can interact with the other seekers and staff to get help, support, and guidance when you need it.


We want this group to be a place where others can encourage one another.  Where you can share your successes and struggles and provide feedback and support with people who are on a similar journey.

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