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Meet Brian
For Colorado Leadership Training


Make Your Success and Dreams Inevitable


Founder and Director of
Brian Lovegrove Coaching

Certified Coach, Trainer, & Speaker with the John Maxwell Team

Strategic Intervention Coach certification with the Robbins-Madanes team led by Tony Robbins

Amazon Best Selling Author of The Abundance Factor with Joe Vitale

Meet Brian

I got my start with Colorado leadership training and personal and professional development when I as in middle school. I bought my first program when I was 17: Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. I have been following him ever since.  I helped put on and promoted his seminars.  I have been a bit of a seminar junkie for many years.


But I really didn't make the progress that I was wanting.  I had a good life but it wasn't great.  I hit 40 and thought I would be so much farther along towards my dreams.  But I wasn't.  There was something I was missing.


You ever been to a great seminar and got all kinds of amazing information and got all excited about the changes you were going to make and then got home and life slapped you upside the head?  You know, the family demanding your attention, the boss, the exploding email box, and all the fires you have to put out because you were gone for several days.  By that time, the energy and excitement have worn off and you have no clue where to start.  So you don't.


The biggest thing that shifted for me was getting a coach for Colorado leadership training.  Someone who held me accountable and guided me on my journey. Who pushed me, encouraged me, and helped me see what was truly possible for me.


We created what I wished I had back when I was getting started.  A positive, supportive, empowering group where you are inspired to grow and realize your full potential. To fulfill your mission and live an incredible life full of joy and fulfillment is my goal with Colorado leadership training.



The one question that drives all our decisions is:

How do we inspire and guide you to grow and succeed? 

Our goal for all our clients to is live an incredible life.

Where they experience a quality of life that they once thought were impossible. Not just one or two aspects of their life at level 10 on a daily basis. But ALL of them. We use a tool called the Life Satisfaction Survey to measure where you are now, and then focusing on a few key things that will cause positive impacts across all the aspects.  

We frequently see people have one or two areas that they are doing well in but tend to neglect or sacrifice other aspects for that success. We work with the whole person since every aspect is interdependent with the rest.

If the relationship with the significant other is in the toilet, is that going to impact your performance at work?   Of course.  Same thing is true if you are struggling financially, that will put a strain on the relationship. If you keeping putting off getting in shape, you won't be able to enjoy the other aspects.

Our Mission

Who is a Seeker of Excellence?

A seeker is a high achiever, on a quest to find the boundaries of their potential. To answer that call from deep within to be MORE. To suck every ounce of joy and satisfaction out of life. To live their lives at a higher standard than the rest of the world. 

They aren't better than others, just determined to better than who they were yesterday. Committed to constant and never ending growth, they pursue and fight against the status quo and mediocrity around them. They are frequently chastised by those around them for dreaming too big or pushing themselves too hard. They are told to relax and take it easy. All they want to do is scream.

They see a bigger picture. There a voice deep within that pushes them forward. Something challenging them to higher and higher levels of achievement.  They are independent and will not settle for less than they can be.

Most are entrepreneurs, small business owners or professionals so they can have the freedom they desire and the flexibility to test their skills against the market place.  Money is one measure they use to determine their progress. They see it as a recognition of the value they provide to the marketplace. But it doesn't define them. Their values do.

Who are Seeker's of Excellence?

The Seeker's Credo:

Seeker's Credo
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