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Seekers of Excellence

Mastermind Program

Educational Colorado Leadership Training Sessions Alongside a Group of Positive, Growth-Oriented People who are wanting a willing to learn and support those around them.

About This New Colorado
Leadership Training Program

Want to make real progress towards your goals and dreams? Want help and support along your journey as you take on your big goals? 

You may want to consider Colorado leadership training with ME.


So many people are wanting to be, do, and have more in their lives but are struggling to make that a reality for themselves. The biggest thing that most people lack is a positive, supportive group that encourages them to seek out their goals and dreams. 


Someone to share the joys of success with and someone to help them up when they fall down.


A safe and supportive place where you can learn the strategies of the successful and motivated to make your goals and dreams a reality.  

If this sounds like what you are currently lacking than the Seekers of Excellence  Mastermind Program is the perfect Colorado leadership training program!

This Program Includes...

Educational Sessions

1x Monthly

Obtain trainings, strategies, and ideas that are focused on developing the habits and skills you need to achieve the results you want.  You will get action steps on how to apply the material in your life immediately and practice it throughout the month.


All sessions have extended Q&As to ensure you understand the material and how to apply it to your life.

Group Coaching

3x Monthly

 Group coaching is where you challenge limiting beliefs and negative behaviors in order to develop a new level of awareness and learn new skills and mentalities.


Brian will work with one group member at a time while the rest of the group observes. You reflect on the questions being asked and learn how to apply lessons to your situation.  


Facebook Support Group


Each member is invited to join a closed Facebook group where you can interact with the other seekers and staff to get help, support, and guidance when you need it.


We want this group to be a place where others can encourage one another.  Where you can share your successes and struggles and provide feedback and support with people who are on a similar journey.

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