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Looking for Colorado Leadership Training? 


Meet Brian 

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Brian Lovegrove has been on his journey of personal growth and professional development since the age of 17. Inspired by Tony Robbins, he has created a catalyst for change and a unique approach and process to helping others, like you, achieve their goals. He believes in providing & building upon the knowledge most coaches provide by practicing these lessons and building a HABIT!

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Master The Day 5 Day Challenge!

March 25th-19th 11:00am Mtn TIme

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91 Day Challenge

Learn skills and approaches to make a habit of taking action on your top priorities.


Colorado Leadership Training

Learn skills and approaches to make a habit of taking action on your top priorities. This is just one of many things I offer regarding business leadership training in Colorado.

Podcasts & Blog

Continue to learn and grow.

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Testimonials For Leadership Training In Colorado

 Brian is great at “getting in the trenches with you.” He doesn’t try to fit you into his program. He personalizes his program to fit you and your situation.

He doesn’t stop at the surface level but dives deep into what is holding you back. I always feel truly understood by him and he wants me to be my best. His coaching evolves based upon my growth and progress.

Jonathon H

Working with Brian has made a huge impact on my business and my life. The biggest thing for me was the accountability part by keeping me on track with my own set actions. He helped me to overcome barriers when I wasn't completing things that I had been wanted to do or had been procrastinating on.

It helped me double my business revenue and move up two levels in the compensation plan!

Rocio V

Brian has an innate way of helping entrepreneurs work through the nuances of setting goals and following through on actions. He listens to understand your fears and concerns and helps you develop a plan for taking your business to the next level. Without being pushy, he allows you to follow your own path while gently guiding you as an accountability partner.

Lindsay N

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The Abundance Factor with Joe Vitale


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Phone Number: 877-332-6224    /     Email: brian [at] brianlovegrovecoaching {dot} com

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